Trending influencers

is an international community of awesome and talented people that have a say in their domain. Their engagement is impressive and their credibility is solid, so these are the people that can endorse your brand and make it popular.
There is a Trending Influencer for almost every product out there.

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What we do
Influencer talent agency

We provide PR services and specialised webinars and events for our influencers and we’re constantly helping them grow.

Reach specific audiences

Because Trending Influencers is focused on niches, your brand can reach exactly it’s target audience

Influencer marketing campaigns

Because together we are stronger, our Trending Influencers have the capacity to produce trends and make your content viral

Engage and endorse communities

Get in touch with groups of people from different domains, organise focus-groups and events. Trending Influencers can endorse your brand online and offline

Social-Media Strategy

We can help you with your Social-Media strategy and grow your brand pages organically

Return on investment

Marketers who implemented an micro-influencer marketing campaign earned an average of $6.85 in media value for every $1 they spent on paid media

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